Training on “ Strategic Management” was held at the Center for Economic Reforms Analysis and Communication

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  • The Center for Economic Reforms Analysis and Communication ( CERAC) arranged training dated June 02 2016 on “Strategic management” in order to contribute to personnel development in strategic analysis, planning, and management area of the country. The training without participation fee was attended by high – ranking officers on strategic management from both public and business entities.

    The training was lead by the graduate of Harvard University and well – known expert in this area - Sinan Koksoy. The training module is designed to educate attendees on practical approaches and frameworks, strategic analysis and corporate planning for more prudent management of businesses and projects based on long – term strategies. At the end of the module, attendees gained practical knowledge on how to find alternative solutions, conduct analysis, make proposals, and adopt informed decisions on business strategies.

    The Center for Economic Reforms Analysis and Communication was set up under the Decree April 20 2016 of the President of Azerbaijan Republic to extend the scope of economic reforms in the country and coordinate the works carried out in this area more effectively. 

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