The draft on Azerbaijan Competition Code is being discussed

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  • Center for Analyses of Economic Reforms and Communication of the Republic of Azerbaijan (CAERC) began the discussion of the draft on “Competition Code”.

    The draft of the "Competition Code" is discussed within the working group of the Commission functioning under the Action Plan on implementation of the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, signed on June 13, 2016 "On additional measures on increasing the applicability of Business Environment in the Republic of Azerbaijan and improving the condition of the country in international ratings" by the Presidential Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, on June 2, 2017.

    Center for Analyses of Economic Reforms and Communication got technical support within TAIEX program of European Union in order to suggest the proposals and launches the discussion on Competition Code with the members of the working group by the participation of foreign experts.

    It should be noted that, improving the competitive environment in the "Strategic Road Map on production of consumer goods at the level of small and medium entrepreneurship in the Republic of Azerbaijan" has been determined as one of the priorities and the adoption of the Competition Code is the main mission.

    Faig Gasimli, CAERC macroeconomist participating in the debates of commission’s working group, noted that, the new project will cover the implementation of entrepreneurship activity based on free economic competition, fair estimation and wide choice of commodities and services, formation of prices according to free mutual relation of demand and supply in the markets, limited interference of the government to competitive markets, key principles such as development and protection of economic competition as public interest. Besides this, the project also intends limitation of the competition, concentration, obligation, sanctions and other issues.

    The experts participating in the debates on Competition Code were involved within the project of EU TAIEX program on “Support to the legislative, institutional and economic reforms in the field of competition” to Center for Analyses of Economic Reforms and Communication. The group of foreign experts in CAERC is currently headed by Philip Brusik, included other experts Valentin Derevyankin and Marcus Handelin.


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