Strategic Road Map for the development of housing provision at a reasonable price in the Republic of Azerbaijan is published

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  • Accordingly to the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication the document notes that the facilitation of the population’s opportunities to acquire housing will support the economic development, improve the living standards of the population, cause the economic recovery and opening new jobs, develop the mortgage markets.

    2 strategic goals are envisaged in Strategic Road Map:

    - To empower the State Housing Construction Agency (MIDA LLC) with certain strategy and objectives to develop and realize projects on the provision of housing at reasonable prices

    - To implement main mechanisms that would create favorable conditions for the activity of the housing market at reasonable prices

    19 concrete measures will be implemented to achieve the strategic goals. As a result till 2020 the housing demand in the country will be reduced, till 2025 the fundamental and panned reconstruction and urbanization of cities will be developed, after 2025 the sustainable development of housing provision at reasonable prices in regions of Azerbaijan will be ensured,  the illegal constructions will be renovated.

    The policy will be carried out in this sphere will contribute to a number of economic and social issues. Along with the improvement of housing provision for low-income people there will be created some 10,000 new jobs in the construction sector of the country, 900 billion manats are planned to invest and as a result of the direct and indirect impacts GDP will grow by 249 million manats.

    At the same time 5% of unused lands will be returned into circulation, foreign investment for the construction sector of the country will be attracted, state-owned land plots will be used in housing construction and as a result project costs will be reduced and a number of other objectives will be achieved.

    During implementation of the projects such important issues as environmental safety and energy efficiency will be in the focus of attention.  So successful implementation of Strategic Road Map for the development of housing provision at a reasonable price in the Republic of Azerbaijan will support sustainable development of the country, that is, all 3 aspects (economic, social and ecological).

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