Regional public lecture on “Economic reforms in Azerbaijan: Achievements and perspectives” was launched in Ganja.

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  • More than 300 entrepreneurs, municipal and community members, included Ganja-Gazakh economic region have participated in the regional public lecture on “Economic reforms in Azerbaijan: Achievements and Perspectives” in Ganja. The participants of the event first visited the monument of nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev and put a bunch of flower.

    During the debates, Elnur Rzayev, first deputy head of the Executive Power of Ganja greeted the guests from Ganja, Naftalan, Agstafa, Dashkesen, Gadabay, Goranboy, Goygol, Gazakh, Samukh, Shamkir and Tovuz regions. Then, Vusal Gasimli, the Executive Director of the Center for Analyses of Economic Reforms and Communication of the Republic of Azerbaijan spoke about main missions of the debates as the moderator of the event and passed the speech to Elkhan Mikayilov, the section chief of the assistance service on the Economic Policy and Industry Issues by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

    Elkhan Mikayilov informed that, there were held deep economic reforms in Azerbaijan recently. In this period, the Strategic Road Maps were created by President Ilham Aliyev’s leadership, worked out comprehensive plan of events on increasing the efficiency of business environment, at the same time, realized a lot of reforms in provision of macroeconomic stability, improvement of business environment, application of promotion and privilege mechanisms, improvement of social welfare and excellence of finance-bank system. The opinions and the proposals of the entrepreneurs in the regions were taken into consideration during working out each of noted official documents. “The Strategic Road Map was provided as the document, expressing the interests of whole nation and all members of the community. In the result of the issues done, the macroeconomic stability was set up in 2017, non-oil GDP 2.8 percent, export till 30 percent, the currency reserves growth 4.5 billion, positive saldo of the treatment balance reached 2 billion. The next year will be remembered as rapid development period in Azerbaijan”.

    Vusal Gasimli, the Executive Director of the Center for Analyses of Economic Reforms and Communication of the Republic of Azerbaijan added that, there were established specific production fields for each region of the areas in Azerbaijan’s rapid development.

    Exactly, the measures on complete realization of the production process in this region and gaining the growth in the rings of the value chain are also reflected strategic road maps. Executive director said that, Ganja-Gazakh economic regions are in second place in terms of economic significance. Because, Ganja, Gazakh and Agstafa are main transport crossroads. This region is situated on the rail and motorways, connecting Azerbaijan with Georgia and coasts of Black Sea. In this regard, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev approaches with special care to the improvement of the economy of Ganja city and surrounding districts.

    Musa Guliyev, the member of Milli Mejlis, told that, the regions of Azerbaijan were socially developed in high level in the last period. “Raising the authority of our country in international arena, advancing in international ratings, once more proves the accuracy of the policy of Mr. President. Ganja-Gazakh zone plays special role in the development of Azerbaijan. Therefore, fastening the development of this zone, providing necessary issues to reach the target is in the center of attention”. Musa Guliyev also stressed that, diversified economic policy of Azerbaijan is giving its results.

    After this, Ramil Huseyn, head of Strategic Planning and Development Department of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication, presented speech on “Economic reforms in the republic of Azerbaijan: development perspectives of Ganja-Gazakh economic regions”. Ramil Huseyin noted that, the development of agriculture, industry and tourism is in the center of attention in Ganja-Gazakh economic region, where 13.6% of population lives. This region has great potential to develop agriculture, machine-engineering, black and colorful metallurgy.

    Fariz Ahmadov, the section chief of the Ministry of Economy, Parviz Ismayilov, chief assistant of 12th Taxes Department of the Ministry of Taxes and head of economic analyze section, and regional representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture took part in the debates.

    Fariz Ahmadov, the section chief of the Ministry of Economy, provided the presentation covering the issues done by the structure he represents – “Supporting the development of the entrepreneurship, provided reforms on the improvement of business environment and achieved results on Ganja-Gazakh zone”.

    After the speeches finished, the questions of the entrepreneurs, municipal and public members were replied.

    The purpose of the debates on “Economic reforms in Azerbaijan: Achievements and perspectives” is to deliver the economic reforms process to the large community, organize direct dialogues, provide informativeness and awareness and contribute strengthening government-private dialogue. 

    It should be noted that, regional debates of economic reforms process covers the whole regions of Azerbaijan. 




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