International Trade Center delegation visited CAERC

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  • There was launched meeting with the delegation of International Trade Center (ITC) in the Center for Analyses of Economic Reforms and Communication of the Republic of Azerbaijan (CAERC). Receiving the delegation, Vusal Gasimli, CAERC Executive Director gave information about economic reforms in Azerbaijan recently. He informed that, portal, “One Stop Shop” Export Support Center and “Digital Trade Crossroads”, established by the initiative of the President Ilham Aliyev have created joint ecosystem and this is very significant for the development of e-trade, e-commerce and e-payment system: “In the result of the activity of this ecosystem, non-oil export was simplifies, digitized, geography and commodity content of the export was diversified a lot. The ecosystem, made by CAERC, supports the exporters in certification, transport, logistics and provision of custom procedures”.


    Yelena Boutrimova, head of International Trade Center Eastern Europe and Central Asia section, stressed that, the support to the small and medium entrepreneurship (SME) in Azerbaijan was commendable and supported the efforts of CAERC in the field of increasing the access opportunities of SMEs to the European markets. It was mentioned that, International Trade Center could support the sale of Azerbaijani products in US markets by Amazon and Ebay over Azexport portal.

    Following the debates, the delegation, getting acquainted with “One Stop Shop” Export Support Center noted the created condition for the entrepreneurs as good experience.



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