Half-year Monitoring and Evaluation reports of the Strategic Road Map were publicized

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    Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communications of the Republic of Azerbaijan publicized results of monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of five strategic road maps, for the first half of 2017. The Strategic road maps, for which the results of monitoring and evaluation are presented are the followings:

    ● Strategic road map on the prospects of the national economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan,

    ● Strategic road map for the production and processing of agricultural products in the Republic of Azerbaijan,

    ● Strategic roadmap for the development of logistics and trade in the Republic of Azerbaijan,

    ● Strategic roadmap for the development of financial services in the Republic of Azerbaijan,

    ● Strategic roadmap for the development of public services (electricity and thermal energy, water and gas supply) in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

    The highest performance indicator of the Strategic Roadmap was achieved in the "National Economy Perspective" - 62 percent. The lowest performance indicator was recorded on two strategic road maps: "Strategic Roadmap for the Production of

    Consumer Goods at the Level of Small and Medium Business in the Republic of Azerbaijan" and "Strategic Roadmap for the Development of Telecommunication and Information Technologies" - 27 percent.

    Based on the monitoring and evaluation of the Strategic Roadmaps for the first half of 2017, the performance of 47 agencies was presented. The Financial Stability Council and the Commission, established in accordance with the Executive Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Enhancing the Favorability of the Business Environment in the Republic of Azerbaijan and Further Improving the Country's Position in the International Rankings", dated July 13, 2016, fulfilled the work assigned to them by 100 percent. Azerenergy OJSC achieved 75 percent performance indicator, the Ministry of Finance - 69 percent, the Tourism Council - 67 percent, the State Agency for Housing Construction - 60 percent, the State Agency for Servicing Citizens and Social Innovations 57 percent, the State Property Committee 53 percent. 16 agencies managed to implement 50 percent of the measures provided for in the strategic road maps for the first half of 2017, whereas achievement of 20 agencies was less than 50 percent, and finally, 3 agencies executed neither of the measures assigned them under the Roadmaps.

    In order to strengthen fiscal sustainability and develop reliable monetary policies, the parameters of the budget rules have been established and agreed upon, taking into account international best practices, and should these budget rules are applied, their impact on the state and consolidated budget indicators, including possible risks were analyzed, and projected indicators were prepared. Proposals have also been prepared for the establishment of a Medium-Term Expenditure Framework and Budgetary Results-Oriented Mechanisms. Macroeconomic coordination was also introduced, and the flexibility of exchange rate was increased. A comprehensive diagnosis of the banking sector was carried out in parallel with the development of plans for restructuring a number of banks with a lack of capital. Under the Strategic Roadmaps, a number of works were also carried out in the field of logistics, trade, agriculture, and public utilities.

    The Monitoring and Evaluation Group proposed that by conducting detailed analysis of investment issues, it is possible to accelerate the works in line with the measures undertaken by the Strategic Roadmaps in order to further develop public-private partnerships, stimulate the attraction of private investments to the development of infrastructure industries. Along with this, recommendations are presented for acceleration of works necessary to implement long-term business reforms, adopt the "Competition Code", carry out institutional reforms, ensure restructuring of banks with unrestored capital stability, and increase private and foreign investment in the municipal sector.

    The implementation of strategic road maps under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev contributed to sustainable economic development and improved position in international rankings. Azerbaijan ranked 35th in terms of economic competitiveness in the ranking of the Davos World Economic Forum, which once again shows the effectiveness of the economic reforms implemented in the country. All these achievements also testify to the fact that 2018 will be a year of economic development in the country.


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