Azerbaijan has been presented as a leading country implementing X-Road technology

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  • Euronews, one of the world's most popular news agencies, has introduced Azerbaijan as a leading country in implementing X-Road technology. The report about the capabilities of these technologies and advanced countries using these opportunities has been transmitted several times a day. The news is also posted on the official channel's website. It should be noted that, in Azerbaijan being the second country after Estonia, which used that technology, the e-government platform and the Digital Trade HUB is based on X-Road. After Azerbaijan, Finland and Ukraine have begun using this technology. According to Euronews, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, being on a visit to Eastern Europe, is also interested in X-Road technology.

    Nijat Asadli, manager of the Azerbaijan Digital Trade HUB, commented on the report, said that thanks to the successful innovation policy pursued by Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the creation of Digital Trade HUB in Azerbaijan was recognized as the first in Europe, and the second one in the world: "The creation of Digital Trade HUB on the basis of X-Road technology left behind Malaysia, where the first processes were given start. We can feel pride of Finland, Ukraine and even the most innovative, advanced country in the world, Japan recognize Azerbaijan as a good example, and it is not accidental, that Azerbaijan is developing with confidence in the field of information technologies and telecommunications. For example, in the near future, electronic residency in the world will be offered in Azerbaijan for the first time in the world after Estonia. In other words, the non-residents will be able to register a new company, make payments and receive other electronic services by obtaining Asan and Electronic Signatures through the Digital Trade HUB. This unique service will enable non-residents to easily engage in entrepreneurial activity in our country."

    According to Nijat Asadli, Manager of the Digital Trade HUB, in the Strategic Road Map for the Development of Telecommunication and Information Technologies in the Republic of Azerbaijan, approved by Presidential Decree from December 6, 2016, there given concrete tasks to support the development and improvement of the ICT infrastructure for the digitalization of the economy, the potential of the country's ICT industry. "The fact that one of the world's most popular news agencies, Euronews, highlighted Azerbaijan in the list of innovative countries was the result of continuous and systematic economic reforms carried out by Mr. Ilham Aliyev."

    It should be noted that the X-Road was first used by Estonia, the world's most advanced digital community. A single data source and diversified protective connections allow X-Road to offer low cost and improved security. X-Road information management platform, used by Estonia's 52,000 organizations, receives over 500 million applications per year.

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